speakup issues

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Fri May 29 06:46:18 EDT 2009


I did notice an issue with the Trippletalk not reported here, but I 
think it's unique to that synth.  Yes, there is definitely a delay when 
using the keypad plus before speech starts, either with the Doubletalk 
LT or Trippletalk.  If using the regular reading keys, there is no 
delay.  I don't recall noticing that with my DEC Express but it's been 
several months since I've used Speakup with that synthesizer.  In my 
brief tests with software speech, I didn't notice this and actually 
Speakup seemed far more responsive than usual.

The problem with the Trippletalk that I would like to report is a bad 
case of stuttering, but only sometimes.  I think it's unique to that 
synth because the Doubletalk LT didn't do it, but it can generally be 
repeated by using keypad plus.  It used to happen sometimes in Windows 
with the same synthesizer but not all the time.  Again, it only happens 
when I read the entire screen and only sometimes.  I can't think of a 
case where it can be consistently reproduced, but one thing that always 
seems to do it is the word "file" near the top of the screen, such as 
the "File" menu in many Windows apps or if the word shows up at the top 
of the screen with Speakup.  It will stutter and repeat a few times 
before reading the rest of the screen normally.

Michael, does the Jupiter screen reader support 2.6.29 kernels with 
SMP?  If it supports recent kernels on the x86-64 arch and doesn't 
require a custom kernel to be compiled, I would like to try it.  I had 
no luck with yasr at all and the manual leaves much to be desired.  Is 
it in Debian or where can it be downloaded?

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