Speakup and locales

Hermann meinelisten at onlinehome.de
Thu May 28 10:44:18 EDT 2009

after a while I reactivated Speakup on my GRML system - version 2008-11.
The reason was that I've discovered Espeakup, which makes it possible to
use Speakup with Espeak without a server such as Speech-dispatcher.
Doing this I had some trouble in setting up Speakup/Espeakup/espeak to
speak my language - German - correctly.
It ends up in adjusting /sys/module/speakup/parameters/characters, so
that all letters, numbers and punctuation characters are spoken in a
usual German way.
In addition I had to rebuild Espeakup from GIT in order to use the
latest option --default-voice to start Espeakup/Espeak with the right
So I came upon the question whether it is possible to let Speakup detect
the locale in use, and provide the correct characters table, and pass the
appropriate synth options to Speakup?
While searching the web, I found on a Gentoo repo a version of Speakup
(3.03 I think), which makes it possible to install Speakup without
touching the kernel modules. This suggests a kind of software solution
that can make Speakup more flexible. If this is true, it should be
possible to let Speakup detect the locale and start with the correct
Or am i completely wrong?


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