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This is part of a message which was posted to the gentoo-accessibility
list.  I am bringing it here because it is about speakup, and I will do
my best to answer it here.

The first thing I want to respond to is the allegation that speakup's
hardware speech synth support is "falling apart" to make way for
software speech.  We are doing our best to support both.  We have added
a way to support software speech, but that should not affect hardware
speech at all.  If you have issues report them here and we will do our
best to fix them.  Or, better yet, submit a patch and we will look it
over and commit it if it fixes the issue.  Suggestions, bug reports, and
patches are always welcome.

Regarding Janina's trippletalk not working:  There is not enough
information for us yet to determine what is happening.  I know I use a
trippletalk with the latest speakup and it works.  Also, there is
another person who has replied to the thread and uses a trippletalk
without issues.  I also believe Kirk uses one.

You said that speakup crashes when you log onto irc.  What do you mean
by "crashes".  Locks up?  Does it lock up the box to the point that you
have to reboot?  Are you able to recover some how?  How do you get
speech back?  Do you see any messages in syslog?

I do see the issue you are talking about with the ltlk taking a second
to start reading the screen when the keypad plus key is pressed.  Has
anyone else on the list seen this with other synths?

Michael, it would be helpful if you would work with us on this list so
that we can find out what is causing your issues and get them fixed.



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	I'm not talking about that aspect.  I know SpeakUP can be
compiled in as integrated modules.  I use the 1.1 version of  the ltlk,
2.00 version of speakup in Shane's Debian Etch kernel, because it's the
version that crashes the least and works the fastest.  The latest
SpeakUP builds using the ltlk module take a full second or more to begin
reading the screen after pressing keypad plus.  It is nice having a
hardware synth available to correct problems before the software synth
boots, but from all I've seen, the hardware synth modules are falling
apart.  Speakup crashes every time I log onto irc.freenode.net using my
hardware synthesizer, Janina's Tripletalk over on the SpeakUP mailing
list has stopped working, etc.  To make way for software voice
synthesis, SpeakUP has become a piece of junk for everything else.
	Karl Dahlk's Jupiter screen reader can send plaintext to the
synthesizers that support that mode of operation, so I plan on compiling
in both of them and seeing which is best for the console.


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