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Thu May 21 14:51:51 EDT 2009

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Ok, I tried aria2. It is a debian package, supports trackerless
torrents, and ipv6, so I shouldn't complain, I got everything I asked
for, but there are a few things I don't like about it:

1. It doesn't come with a tracker. That's ok, since i can use the one
   that comes with bittorrent.

2. It doesn't come with a utility to create torrents, which is also
   ok, since I can use one from other torrent clients.

3. This is the biggy, the output is horrible. That's something I also
   didn't like about the original bittorrent's,
   or The thing with the original bittorrent
   client though, is that you can set the interval how often that info
   is refreshed, so if you set that value high enough, you can review
   the screen, and have an idea of what's happening before the next
   screen refresh. As far as I can tell, aria2 has no such setting. I
   tried to use aria2's logging features to get such info in a log
   file, but log-level info gives way too much info, and all that
   log-level notice gave me so far, is the info that integrity check
   passed without problems. I suppose I could set
   /sys/module/speakup/parameters/no_interrupt to 1, review the
   screen, and then set no_interrupt back to 0, I'll have to see how
   that works for me.

Out of the hand full of clients I installed and looked at thus far,
transmission seems to be the nicest, it's a shame though that it
doesn't come with a tracker, and doesn't support trackerless
torrents. Ok, complaining over.


On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 10:08:22AM -0700, Tony Baechler wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm an idiot!  I totally forgot about aria2.  Yes, it's a great download  
> manager and it's very fast.  It supports downloading from multiple http  
> sites and multiple connections to one server.  I haven't tried it for  
> torrents but I'm sure it will work very well.  the only thing I don't  
> like is that it doesn't preserve time stamps of downloaded files like  
> wget does.  It also supports metalink, a fairly obscure protocol which  
> allows downloading from many mirrors at once and gets very fast speeds.
> The reason why I suggested the Gentoo archives is that I also had  
> problems with finding a client but it was on Cygwin.  The version of  
> Python was old and I didn't feel like upgrading.  I noticed that Gentoo  
> seemed to have a lot more and newer versions than Debian.  I'm not sure  
> why Debian never upgraded the BitTorrent client.  I do remember  
> something about them going Windows only and attempting to charge.  Some  
> pro-Windows company gave them some large amount of money to work with,  
> apparently on the condition that they would abandon other operating  
> systems.  Look at Slashdot or one of the tech news sites for more  
> details, but I do remember something about a million dollar grant for  
> development.

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