torrent client suggestions

Tony Baechler tony at
Thu May 21 13:08:22 EDT 2009


I'm an idiot!  I totally forgot about aria2.  Yes, it's a great download 
manager and it's very fast.  It supports downloading from multiple http 
sites and multiple connections to one server.  I haven't tried it for 
torrents but I'm sure it will work very well.  the only thing I don't 
like is that it doesn't preserve time stamps of downloaded files like 
wget does.  It also supports metalink, a fairly obscure protocol which 
allows downloading from many mirrors at once and gets very fast speeds.

The reason why I suggested the Gentoo archives is that I also had 
problems with finding a client but it was on Cygwin.  The version of 
Python was old and I didn't feel like upgrading.  I noticed that Gentoo 
seemed to have a lot more and newer versions than Debian.  I'm not sure 
why Debian never upgraded the BitTorrent client.  I do remember 
something about them going Windows only and attempting to charge.  Some 
pro-Windows company gave them some large amount of money to work with, 
apparently on the condition that they would abandon other operating 
systems.  Look at Slashdot or one of the tech news sites for more 
details, but I do remember something about a million dollar grant for 

Gregory Nowak wrote:
> I'm currently looking at aria2. It seems to support both trackerless
> torrents, and ipv6. I'll see if I'm ok with how it works I guess.

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