torrent client suggestions

Tony Baechler tony at
Wed May 20 06:45:41 EDT 2009

What about the standard clients?  BitTorrent, BitTornado and CTorrent 
come to mind.  All should be Debian packages, but newer versions of 
BitTorrent might require a GUI.  I think any recent client should 
support trackerless torrents.  In Debian, look for py-bittorrent and 
py-bittornado if the standard package names don't show anything.  I 
haven't used CTorrent.  I'm not 100% sure that they support IPv6 but I 
would think so because the standard BitTorrent client supports proxies.  
Other than CTorrent, they're written in Python so you shouldn't have to 
build from source regardless.  If Debian doesn't have anything, look at 
the Gentoo ftp archive.  They seem to have older and different packages, 
not always present in Debian.

Also, how did you actually set up a user-mode-linux VM?  I looked at the 
user-mode-linux package and it looks like it's just the kernel with no 
obvious way to set up a shell or run processes under it.  I would like a 
virtual server without the hassle and resource overhead of a VM such as 
Xen.  I'm still interested in xen but it looks fairly complicated to set 
up.  All I really need is a virtual Linux server for web and email, not 
a full virtual machine.

Gregory Nowak wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone out there could suggest a torrent
> client that supports trackerless torrents, and that also supports
> ipv6? Something that comes as a debian package would be best, but I
> can also build from source if need be. Thanks in advance.

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