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Thu May 14 23:22:43 EDT 2009

understand the difference between tun and tap.
You must use the *same* on both ends, tun for routed vpn, tap for bridged.

decide whether you want routed or bridged and set up accordingly.
Info on on which is bbest, routed is more scalable and there are 
tricks to hand out a default gateway on a bridged setup.

these tricks may or may not work with Windows openvpn client see faq files.

I'd set up dev tun on both ends and make sure you can see the other end of 
your tunnel.
Best to make connectivity work before you mess with default routes etc.

Is it worth noting here that you are probably violating policy by punching 
holes through a firewall?
be aware in case admin comes down on you.

Regards, Kerry.

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> Hello list,
> I'm currently trying to get openvpn going. I have the port open, but it's 
> not letting me forward all traffic through, for some reason. Any ideas? 
> I've provided my configs below
> #server:
> dev tun
> secret static.key
> keepalive 10 60
> ping-timer-rem
> persist-tun
> persist-key
> user nobody
> group nobody
> daemon
> plugin /usr/share/openvpn/plugin/lib/ login
> push "redirect-gateway def1"
> #client:
> dev tap
> remote
> secret C:/static.key
> keepalive 10 60
> ping-timer-rem
> persist-tun
> push "redirect-gateway def1"
> resolv-retry infinite
> nobind
> proto udp
> I want to be able to connect from multiple sources, so I used dev tap.
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