mini-beep.iso question

Nick Stockton nstockton at
Sun Aug 31 15:57:35 EDT 2008

Yes I had it forwarding to the first serial port on my computer.
I don't have the vmware image anymore as I was making it for a friend but 
what I ended up doing was to install using the braille lite as a braille 
display with brltty and after debian was installed I used ssh to install 
the2.6.25-2 kernel and the speakup modules for it using aptitude.
After that speakup worked fine with the braille lite.

Nick Stockton
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Nick Stockton, le Sat 30 Aug 2008 05:22:42 -0400, a écrit :
> I was using vmware.

Ok, I guess you enabled the serial port redirection?

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