Toronto-based Ubuntu/Hardy/Intrepid/speakup help

C. Martens c.martens99 at
Fri Aug 29 23:17:14 EDT 2008

Hello all,

I have speakup working with espeakup on Ubuntu's Hardy version 8.04.1, after much assistance from the speakup irc channel on the freenode network. Yes, I had to compile a special kernel for it, and learned that you must really remove a lot of the stock parts of the kernel that Ubuntu comes with, or your compile will take over 6 hours! Never took me that long with gentoo, but then again, Ubuntu has more bloat, already pre-compiled stuff that comes standard.

Anyway, I tried to duplicate this success on a blind user's PC that I'd built for him, and I'm hoping that some over-the-phone work tomorrow will finally get it working on that machine. Once I have that working, I can finalize the documentation, and hopefully make the successes more repeatable.

I'm posting because Kirk told me that someone in Toronto was posting here for local assistance. I can't promise anything in the immediate future because I'm in the midst of moving-and-legal hell, but that should die down in October (I hope), and I should be more available after that. Of course, speakup may be enabled in the stock Ubuntu kernels from the repos in late October, when the next version, Intrepid, comes out, so the need for local assistance may be less.

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