Saving Settings?

Tony Baechler tony at
Tue Aug 26 05:13:39 EDT 2008

Gregory Nowak wrote:
> sys/module/speakup/parameters# cat version
> Speakup version 3.0.3
> dtlk synthesizer driver version 2.6


Interesting.  I believe you, but I didn't get that error message about 
values out of range.  It would be helpful if the version included the 
date like it used to in old cvs versions.  I don't use the dtlk driver, 
but the version of the ltlk driver I'm using from my latest git pull is 
2.7.  I can find the exact date of my git pull if necessary, but it 
would be nice to have the date in the version output.  I have at least 
two different sets of source on my system which are both 3.0.3 but are 
obviously from different dates.  I'll try again and see if I was mistaken.

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