making grml boot with speech with grml2hd

Tony Baechler tony at
Tue Aug 26 05:08:09 EDT 2008

Tyler Littlefield wrote:
> I am installing grml with grml2hd, and was wondering what kernel parameters I should pass for swspeak... Is it just swspeak?


I didn't have to pass anything, but I don't use software speech.  If in 
doubt, pass swspeak.  The worst you would get is an error in your logs.  
Also, how accessible is grml2hd?  When I tried it, the cursor either 
didn't follow my selection or Speakup couldn't follow the cursor.  I 
needed sighted help because I almost formatted and installed the wrong 
hard disk partition.  I hope that got fixed.  Mika posted here that he 
was unaware of the problem and it sounded like it would be fixed, but 
since it's already installed, I had no reason to try it again.  Also be 
aware that just by the nature of a live CD installation, you'll probably 
end up with lots of extra packages that you don't need or want.  If 
you're on a desktop for example, it still installs a bunch of packages 
for laptops, wireless, Apache, etc.  Hopefully some of those can be 
turned off easily in grml2hd, but I couldn't when I tried.  I was not 
running the final 1.1, I was running 1.1RC1.  Hopefully some of these 
problems have been fixed.  I would like to know how it goes for you.

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