applications that work well with speakup

Tony Baechler tony at
Tue Aug 26 04:58:59 EDT 2008

Don Raikes wrote:
> I am looking for things like web browsers, email clients, irc /
> messenger clients. Anything that a beginner to advanced user would like.


Probably what I say will be duplicates of other people, but here you 
go.  For email, mutt and Alpine.  I don't use Alpine but have seen it 
recommended.  For web browsers, Lynx the cat and Links.  I prefer Lynx 
the cat myself but Links works well enough.  For irc, I suggest irssi 
which was recommended here.  I still like the standard irc client ircII, 
but it has accessibility issues unless you use a dumb terminal.  You 
could also include telnet and ssh clients.  For games, look at for interactive fiction.  
Interpreters for most IF formats should be available as rpm packages.  I 
can't recommend a messenger client yet.  For other games, you could look 
at tintin++ which is a mud client and seems accessible.

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