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Tony Baechler tony at
Sat Aug 23 05:59:41 EDT 2008

Gregory Nowak wrote:
> The thing with cygwin though, is that you have to install a whole
> bunch of software, (I.E. in order to use ssh, you have to install the
> whole base system, you can't just install the ssh client). If this has
> changed since about 5 years ago, which is when I last played with
> cygwin, then it would be good to know that.


No, that hasn't really changed, but why is that a problem?  The base 
system is very small and only includes bash and a few dll files.  If you 
really only want ssh, you can install it manually provided you know what 
you're doing.  Even then, you need the base system, but again it's very 
small.  I can send you a minimal ssh and telnet install that I use here 
for emergencies.  All it consists of is ssh.exe, cygtel.exe, the SSL and 
crypt libraries and the main cygwin1.dll.  I think that's about it.  I 
renamed telnet.exe to cygtel.exe to not conflict with the Windows 
telnet.  I also have a similar small install which includes rsync.  
Besides, you can always delete the parts you don't want, as long as 
there is only one cygwin1.dll file that the binaries will find when you 
run them.  I should also add that Cygwin has had some fairly major 
changes lately, so a new install would definitely be a good idea if you 
want to check it out.  There is still no uninstall and it still 
automatically writes to the registry.

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