software speech

Janina Sajka janina at
Thu Aug 21 12:37:28 EDT 2008

Tony Baechler writes:
> ...  I've noticed that the Speakup keyboard echo is slightly less
> responsive with ssh but I can certainly live with it.  With Cygwin,
> ssh  is very slow and I often have to wait a few seconds for what I'm
> typing  to catch up.  The standard Linux openssh client doesn't have
> that  problem at all.
Well, yes. You need to take into account all the layers between you and
the remote OS. I can report experiencing all kinds of lags to machines
not very far away, and also almost instantaneous response to machines
half a planet away.  It just depends on how performant the various
connections are. But, it's not ssh that introduces the lags. It's other
factors like the quality of internet connections among the machines
involved, or how your host OS handles a resident shell application in
the case of Cygwin.


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