software speech

Janina Sajka janina at
Thu Aug 21 12:30:48 EDT 2008

Gregory Nowak writes:
> ... If using ssh as a
> client under gnu/linux, you should indeed have no problems doing
> menuconfig, or anything else for that matter. It's so seamless in
> fact, that you can easily forget you're not logged in on a physical
> console (I.E. sitting in front of a keyboard physically attached to
> the machine you're logged in on).

So very, very true. In fact, this has at times fooled me into rebooting
the wrong machine. My error , orf course, in not paying attention to the
hostname which is part of my prompt. But, it has in fact happened that
I've rebooted a machine half way around the planet when I meant to
reboot the laptop I was typing on.

So, when you get your ssh act together, it may be wise to make sure your
prompt is showing your hostname. In fact, I'm thinking of rewriting my
/sbin/reboot to prompt for hostname, and refuse the action if no match.


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