Problems with speakup's sysfs parameters

luke speakup at
Mon Aug 18 02:21:00 EDT 2008

On Sun, 17 Aug 2008, Steve Holmes wrote:

> The other thing here, why not do a 'su -' instead? this will put you
> into a pure shell as root.  It would seem to me that sudo is more for
> single shot commands.  I don't know further since I do Slackware but I

"su -" will only work like that, if you have a root password.  Some Ubuntu 
installations, for example, don't bother setting a root password (they 
disable root logins, to be exact), and expect you to use "sudo" for 
everything root.
It forces you to think like a regular user who some times has to do things 
as root, at least I think that's the reasoning.

Of course, "sudo bash" does just as well as "su -", with the advantage of 
not having to have a root password (you use your own password); or--as I 
do  on segregated systems with some times flaky speech such as my 
laptop--not having to have any password if you configure sudo not to require it 
for your username or group.



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