What are the advantages of Speakup over Orca?

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Sun Aug 17 05:22:31 EDT 2008

Cody Hurst wrote:
> Speakup is strictly for command line, a virtual console. Orca on the 
> other hand is intended to be a screen reader for the GUI desktop 
> environment, gnome. If you are good with bash and want to work in the 
> command line without the hastle of a desktop, then using speakup would 
> be the best choice. However I'm sure you know already you will need an 
> external synthisizer such as a double talk lt or a bns. Orca is 
> maintained by sun, speakup is not.

Huh?  What about using ESpeak or other software synths?  Also, are you 
saying that Speakup is unmaintained?  I see commits every few days and 
the bugs which I've reported all got fixed.  Granted there is not a 
company developing it, but there aren't very many people testing it 
either.  I think your statement that Orca is maintained by Sun and 
Speakup isn't is unfair and misleading.

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