installing speakup on stock kernel

Christopher Moore christopher.h.moore at
Thu Aug 14 11:58:09 EDT 2008

Hello guys,
I'm running ubuntu hardy with a stock kernel (2.6.24-17).
In the "old days" I would need to compile a custom kernel in order to 
run speakup.  
Now, as I understand it, speakup can be built as modules which may mean 
that I could build it without applying kernel patches and compiling a 

So my question is what would I need to do to build speakup modules to 
run with a 2.6.24 stock kernel?  If there are any docs, I'd be happy to 
read them; but the info on the speakup website appeared to apply to the 
days when kernel patching and custom kernels were the only game in town.


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