1st, 2nd, 3rd And 4th Questions. Please,

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I will insert my answers below your questions.

On Sat, Aug 09, 2008 at 10:32:03PM -0700, SunUgerdodge & ProsBrilliantes wrote:
> Guys, I have some bits of questions in downloading and more about speakup.
> 1st. In my subject in our school's laboratory, we are using Fedora 6. But my problem is where to download the latest version of Speakup.

The latest versions are in git so use a git client and do a 
git-clone git://hubbs.homedns.org/speakup.git

> 2nd. Is it okay to use the latest version of Speakup in Fedora 6?

I doubt it.  That is a very very old version of Fedora! get the latest
version which is 9, I believe.  look at 
for more details.  It has the latest speakup already built in.

> 3rd. Can Speakup works well with all Open Office applications?

No, not even.  You have to be in gnome and use the Orca screen reader
with that to use Open Office.  It works quite well with Orca too.  No
relation to Speakup at all.

> 4th and last. What can you tell me about the accuracy between JAWS screen reading capabilities and SpeakUp regardless on what OS they are use. Only the accuracy and voice performance.

I don't do Jaws and never will! I don't do anything with Freedom
Scientific.  I think comparing linux and windows screen readers is
night and day different.  Speakup would compare more acurately with an
old DOS screen reader like ASAP or Vocal-Eyes.  You might try
comparing a windows screen reader with Orca under gnome in linux as
they both use GUI environments.

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