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Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at
Thu Aug 7 17:30:52 EDT 2008

Hi Greg,

That's a tough one. The narrator's voice has frequencies all over the
place, although perhaps mostly 300 to 3000 hz. It happens that those
are the default frequencies for the bandpass filter in wedit, but it
would PASS that range rather than suppress it. You did not indicate
what the nature of the demonstration sounds would be, but it would be
tough to filter away a foreground voice.

The best wedit could do would be to roughly equalize foreground and
background by choosing the flex method of smoothing on the 3rd floor,
but that would not do what you want either. Now if your narrator were
in one channel and his demonstration in the other, that would be a
piece of cake. That's how it would be prepared in a studio environment,
so you could pick and choose, or mix levels to meet your needs.


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