Decent muds?

Gaijin gaijin at
Tue Aug 5 16:06:53 EDT 2008

On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 at 12:04:15PM -0600, DM wrote:
> Are there any mud users in here? I have been searching for a decent one for
> use with speakup and a text console, as I don't use a gui, just Debian.

	Off-hand, I know of the console mudd clients tf and tintin++, if
you're looking for a user interface into mudd servers.  As for servers
themselves, I would recommend aime (which isn't available for Debian Sid
yet), or ggz gaming zone, which has a text interface, but I haven't
checked it out as yet.  In Debian, 

	apt-cache serch <item> your friend.  The bsdgames package also has 'adventure' and
'phantasia,' which are text-based games you may find of interest, if
you're old enough to remember the old Zork games.  The Rogue-like games
are pretty useless with their floor-plan displays.  You'll likely only
find 6 or 7 text-based games or interfaces that you'd find of any use,
though.  The 'jzip' and 'xzip' packages look promising, but the games
for them are located off Debian somewhere.  I gather they're much like
the game 'adventure' in the bsdgames package, but just decode the game
files people have created.

	aptitude show <package>

...will give you details on the package, and is a little quieter than,

	apt-cache show <package>

	I use the following shortcuts in /root/.bashrc:

alias search='apt-cache search'
alias show='aptitude show' search for, and show packages, respectively.  HTH,


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