Comments Regarding Gnome Accessibility

Robert Spangler spangler.robert at
Mon Aug 4 23:08:34 EDT 2008

Hello all,

For the last day or so, I have mostly been using Gnome and Orca from the 
unstable branch of Debian.  OK it's good but overall I'm not extremely 
impressed.  Orca tends to be laggy, and it becomes even more so after 
being run for a while or after opening like two or three programs.  Web 
navigation using Firefox 3.0.1 is sluggish at best.  Try pressing tab 
very fast through a page of links or arrowing through.  There is nothing 
snappy about Orca's performance.  Opening directories results in a 
slight freeze if there is more than just a few files.

I checked my memory and it appears as though most of it is being 
used...I believe I only have about 40MB or so left out of 512MB.  Is 
this low for what I'm trying to do?  I would have thought that these 
problems were only on my end but I had a friend who experimented with it 
for a while and came to the same conclusion - that it is slow, 
unresponsive, and sluggish.   Would you guys agree that this is general? 
  Is this a problem with the design methods - perhaps that it is coded 
in Python instead of a higher-performing language like C/C++?  What are 
your experiences?


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