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First of all, firefox isn't stored in svn. And even if it was, firefox 
3.0.1 is out so there's no need to use it, I think aptitude install 
iceweasel should do the trick.

As for conflicts between debian packages and software built from source, 
I usually just install, say, svn orca into /usr over the OS-installed 
package. However, you could also install into /usr/local, but then I 
never got gnome to call my svn orca over the default installed one when 
it was installed there.

Hth somewhat.


Robert Spangler wrote:
> I got Virtual Box installed.
> Now, I want to use the SVN versions of Firefox and Orca.  Since they are 
> instlaled through Debian, should I aptitude remove them first?  When I 
> install the SVN source versions, how will the APT system know not to 
> give me its versions?
> Robby
> Gregory Nowak wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 03, 2008 at 04:51:42PM -0400, Robert Spangler wrote:
>>>> Also, on the download page  for Virtual Box, it only had a version 
>>>> available for Debian 4.0 - should  this still work with Sid Unstable?
> As far as I know, yes.
>>>> Should I just do aptitude install  virtualbox and accept what it has, 
>>>> as it is only 10MB?
> I would say yes, going with what is in the virtualbox repository is
> your best bet, since it should take care of any additional
> dependencies for you, and you'll also get the latest updates that way
> whenever they come out, without having to download, and install them
> by hand.
>>>> It said that  some module package is broken.
> You'll need to be more specific, if you'd like for someone to try and
> help you there. Posting the error message itself would be ideal.
> Greg
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