Debian Questions

Robert Spangler spangler.robert at
Sun Aug 3 00:33:30 EDT 2008


I managed to get Debian installed with Samuel's beep test image.  I 
installed the standard system and desktop groups.  First, I am a little 
bothered that the system didn't let me opt out of installing Grub; I 
wanted to install Lilo.  I hit ctrl+C at that screen, hoping that I 
would be put back at the main menu where I could select this.  The 
manual says to hit the go back button or whatever but I was unable to 
tab to any buttons.  So I went ahead and let it install Grub then it 
rebooted.  It rebooted, however, into Gnome!  Some how I managed to get 
to a console and set the default boot level in inittab to 3 thinking 
this would boot me in console mode.  I rebooted and it did not.  So how 
can I make it where I only have Gnome when I ask for it?  Also, how do I 
switch between Gnome and the console?  Thanks.


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