Initial success with Espeakup

Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at
Sat Aug 2 10:18:34 EDT 2008

Ditto here.My espeak comes from a Debian package rather than compiling
from source, and I had to separately install libespeak-dev to compile
espeakup. It's nice to have the control of voice parameters with the
speakup controls.

Great job, William. Many thanks.


On Sat, Aug 02, 2008 at 07:08:09AM -0700, Zachary Kline wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just downloaded Espeakup from Git.  I'm pleased to say that so far  
> I've had quite good success with it, and Espeak as a whole seems  
> responsive.
> I did notice slight delays between my use of the control key to silence  
> speech and the time it actually got quiet.  This is a minor problem,  
> though.
> Great work!
> Best,
> Zack.
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