How do you install Speakup for Ubuntu?

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If you want to try Ubuntu the livecd will not kill your computer; grab the 
desktop cd,
boot it;
hit control f2 then key in orca.
You'll know it's booted when things quieten down.
Not sure how easy speakup would patch into the newer 2.6.22 kernels that 
modern distributions are using; I haven't tried yet.
If you have 2 computers; consider connecting them together with a null-modem 
cable and use a serial console. This will allow you to install Redhat, 
Debian or Ubuntu yourself then tinker to get software speech functional.
Most electronics stores will sell you a Null modem cable for aprox $10 
(Australian) and if your laptop or whatever has no serial ports you can get 
a USB to serial adapter to plug serial gear in.
To install Ubuntu do:
Boot the cd, press escape then enter.
escape kills the gui splash screen, ok confirms you want to kill it.
Then type
install console=ttyS0,38400

If you only have one computer but have vmware server; it is possible to 
install Linux into a virtual machine yourself with 2 usb to serial adapters 
and a null modem cable; or 1 dual port usb-to-serial adapter, I can outline 
the process if anyone is interested.
I hear it is possible to install Ubuntu with Orca and the talking installer; 
never tried it. I've personally had as much success with Orca as I have had 
with Narrator, however I haven't tried extremely hard either.

Regards, Kerry.

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> On 28/10/2007 4:25 AM, Charlie Dorff wrote:
>> I recently installed Ubuntu on my computer and I'm using Orca screen 
>> reader and it's going well but I'd like to try Speakup. Could someone 
>> explain where to download Speakup for Ubuntu and how to install it. Does 
>> it require compiling? Thank you.
> Ok well I think you need to patch the kernal and then compile the kernal
> again I think.
> Do you know that speakup is just for the terminal?
> All instructions and the speakup patches can be found at.
> BTW How are you finding ubuntu. What problems are there. Are you dual
> booting? Is it pretty accessible?
> I know this is a little bit off topic for this thread but I am
> considering using ubuntu.
> Maybe I should try the livecd...
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