serial console after using grml2hd

jeremy l84ad8r at
Thu Oct 25 21:10:56 EDT 2007

Hello list, I am curious what it will take to continue using my 
serial console after I run grml2hd. I am using the live cd of grml1.0 
in vmware and accessing it through a virtual serial port, wich works 
wonderfully. If I run grml2hd, will my settings for the serial 
console still be there, or, will have to do something special to make 
it work? If there is something that may be easier, such as installing 
debian through serial, that would be great to. I just liked grml for 
all it's tools pre installed and would like a way to get about the 
same thing installed to a disk so I can change things and don't have 
to worry with a LiveCd. Any help would be awsome.

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