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Hi all.

I have another straight-forward, though probably loaded question. When
one uses numpad-plus to read the screen, is there a way to control the
size of text chunks speakup sends to the synth, either through
something in /proc/speakup, or in some other way without modifying the
code? The reason I'm asking is because the serial port support in
virtualbox 1.5.2 is still messed up. If reading line by line with
numpad-7 and numpad-9 for example, the bns speaks the text fine in
a virtualbox vm. However, if I attempt reading the full screen, large
chunks of text are skipped, making that feature practically
useless. It's as if there was some sort of handshaking or buffering
issue. It can't be handshaking though, since the same settings worked
just fine for me on physical machines, and even in virtualpc.

On the other hand, if I boot a dos floppy with provox inside
virtualbox, and read the full screen with provox+s, it reads just
fine, though I assume that's because provox sends the data in smaller
chunks, rather than just sending the full screen all at once. If
however there is a program that just sends data to the screen, for
example when formatting a hard drive, I see the same chunk
skipping behavior under provox as well.

Yes, I will be eventually reporting this to innotek, once I've figured
out a way to reproduce the problem without requiring one to have a hardware synth. I
was however hoping for a way to get around the problem in speakup
temporarily, until virtualbox itself gets fixed. Thanks in advance for
any suggestions.


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