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Willem van der Walt wvdwalt at CSIR.CO.ZA
Tue Oct 16 08:54:22 EDT 2007

Here are my questions:
> 1. Is there any way to give Pine a username that isn't the one for your home 
> directory? This isn't really a big deal as it's easy enough to create 
> another user, but it would be nice not to have to do that.

Yes, you can use
in your .pinerc file

> 2. My big problem is with authentication. I'm using ssmtp and Pine. My whole 
> email has to be my username because while my email address is at the 
> servers use Furthermore, on my Windows machine, ssl and 
> password authentication are used. If I try just sending normally with Pine, 
> I get a message about insecure server and authentication required. If I add 
> /ssl to the smtp server in pinerc, as one howto said to do, Pine crashes; it 
> also doesn't appear to work to just put the username and password in the 
> ssmtp.conf. The howto I found talked about using openssl to get the 
> certificates--though I'm not sure whether that's the problem--but the 
> problem with that is that I can't figure out the website and port to connect 
> to in order to get the information.  I really hate to say goodbye to Pine so 
> if anybody has any suggestions I'd be very appreciative.
I would suggest that you use Em4 as the mail transport agent.
You can also use postfix or sandman, but I found EM to be a lot easier 
to set up.
You then configure exim to do the comms between your isp and your local 
mail server and use the traditional way to let pine talk to the local mta.
I use fetchmail to receive mail and think you can do that too without 
The idea is that pine sends and receives everything through localhost, 
giving your more control.
HTH, Willem

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