Speakup and VmWare workstation

keithint38 at commspeed.net keithint38 at commspeed.net
Sun Oct 14 14:13:20 EDT 2007

For a while now, I have been doing most computer activities on a Microsoft
Windows computer because of accessibility reasons. I was still wishing to
play with Linux.
I considered installing VMWare workstation 6.
While I have a computer that is more the capable of handeling the job, I
here things are about ruffly, 30 percent slower, such as compiles, etc,
rather then ran on a native system.
whyile this does not concern me, I do have some questions.
Would things like Speakup be able to operate, and if so, with wich
software synthesizer specifically?
Flite, appears to not work, and produces clicking sounds through the sound
card if VMWare is used.
Flite only works ona native Linux install.
Problem though, is if I install Linux onto my bran-new dual-core, it will
be idling most of the time running services on the LAN, and never actually
being used.
People tel me native installations of Linux and Speakup usage are better,
but still, I'm not really sure.
Also, does anyone know how responsive the new ESpeak Speech-Dispatcher
module is over the generic one?
Regards, --Keith

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