Progress on slackware accessibility project

Michael Whapples mwhapples at
Sat Oct 6 17:31:02 EDT 2007

I have posted the initial work I have done on some slackware packages
(include dotconf (required by speech-dispatcher), speech-dispatcher,
espeak, portaudio (required by espeak if you wish to use it as a
stand-alone synth) and speechd-up). There is also some information about
how to use these to get speakup to use software speech with these
packages. SlackBuild scripts will be released soon, but I just need to
make them into suitable distributable packages (eg. give some notes on
what it is, and usage details).

Comments would be welcome.

Here is the tempory website, I plan to move it to sourceforge soon, so
if you have interest please listen out for further progress
announcements. Anyway current website is

For those who may wish to use gnome, then I suggest gnome-slacky
( or for those who don't speak Italian
Even if you don't want gnome, there are some useful packages in their

Michael Whapples

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