OT: Printer/scanner suggestions

Gaijin gaijin at clearwire.net
Thu Oct 4 21:26:55 EDT 2007

Janina Sajka <janina&rednote,net> promulgated:

 > Butt, why do you insist on HP?

     Mainly because HP was one of the first companies to support Linux
and the open-source movement by asking hardware manufacturers to help
support Linux, and to try to sell Linux compliant hardware in their own
PCs...and don't call me a butt.  They also produce some pretty rugged
systems.  I got the chance to pull one apart a few years back, and I
was pretty impressed by their construction methods.  The thing looked
like it would survive being tossed across a room at least.  Considering
how many Playstation controllers I went through in the 90's... <grins>
They've also been around so long that they're bound to get things
right.  That, and I prefer buying quality hardware.  I still have a
working USRobotics 2400baud/MNP-5 modem that still works.  Bought it in
'91.  You get what you pay for, and if not them, then I'd probably buy
an Epson.

 > The 7820N can run lpt, usb, or on your tcp lan, which is how I have
 > it installed.

     My last laser printer was networked.  Got it used when 
Texacodecided to upgrade all their printers.  It was a monster.  I had 
toremove the front seat of my VW Bug to get it in the car.  Stewpid 
tonercartridge cost $80 and would print something like 15,000 pages. 
$3500out the door, and I got it for $10, sans cables.  Left it at the 
oldplace when I went blind.  Left the Bug, too.  Damn, I loved that oldcar.
     At least I haven't heard anything bad about Brother.
     I'd prefer it was networked directly off the router's 
parallelprinter port, actually.    I plan on getting a LinkSys router so 
I cando the Netfilter project biz, running something like iptables on 
therouter itself.  I have a bug up the bum for open-source software, 
anddon't even trust pre-compiled binary packages.
especially now that Uncle Willie is trying to horn in on the GPL.
     Thank you for the heads-up on the Brother.  I'm willing to go as
high as $500 for something decent.  More if it's an HP and built like a
tank. <grins>  I figure that if it can scan, then it can fax via my 
fax-modem.  Any other bells and whistles are just redundant eye candy,
and go beyond Linux's layered approach to functionality and being able
to control everything from one console.  Thank you,


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