John Heim jheim at
Mon Oct 1 17:59:46 EDT 2007

From: "Gregory Nowak" <greg at>
> It does let you create a ntfs, or fat32 partition for windows
> itself. I don't know if it lets you create partitions of other types,
> though I doubt it does.

Oh, I'm pretty sure it won't let you create a linux partition. I'd have 
heard if it did. But it does let you partition your drive into C:, D:, E: 
etc? I would think it would almost have to. But you never know.

>  When I install Windows, I use an open source system from
>> and i never run the actual Windows
>> installer myself.
> Just wondering, have you tried that with vista yet? Did it work,
> leaving you with a finished install of vista?

No, I don't own a Vista license.  But I am about as sure as I can be that it 
doesn't work based on what I read on the email list for the unattended 
project itself.

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