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Are you saying you want to have a dual-boot machine and access your music
files via both Windows an linux? I've never done that. i have my music files
on a linux machine and access them on my Windows machine via samba.  I've
built literally hundreds of dual-boot machine but I've never tried sharing
files between   the 2  operating systems on the same hard disk.

I think what you want to do is install windows on the first partition and
set up a second partition for music files.
Linux can write to NTFS and FAT file systems but Windows can't write to
linux partitions.  There is a fairly new tool called ntfs-3g for linux to
allow you to read/write to NTFS partitions. You could also create your
second partition as a FAT32 partition which is supported in every linux
distro without add-on tools. You will need to install linux to a 3rd
partition after installing Windows.

I have never installed Vista but by default, XP will slurp up the entire
disk unless you tell it not to. You can use something like grml to create
the partitions ahead of time. With a 100 Gb hard drive, i would create 3
primary partitions, 10 GB NTFS for Windows, 80 Gb FAT for music, and then
leave the remaining 10 Gb for linux. I'd let the linux installer create the
logical partitions for me on the 3rd primary partition.

Of course, I may have misread your intentions.  None of this is applicable
if you're not creating a dual-boot system. How do you plan on installing
Windows? Sighted assistance I'm guessing.   If you have sighted assistance,
you might not have to create the partitions ahead of time with grml. I'm not
that familiar  with the Windows installer to know if you can partition the
HD with it.  When I install Windows, I use an open source system from and i never run the actual Windows
installer myself.

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> Hi yall,
> I am getting ready to install a distribution of Linux on my new
> computer.  This what I have, a core 2 processor, 2G ram, 100G hd.  I would
> like to have the following partitions I think!  A windows, music, storage,
> Linux swap 4G, root, usr, home partitions?  What do you guys think?  How
> much space would you guys alacate to each?  Thank you
> Scott
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