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If you install programs while running the livecd, and not from a hard
drive, those programs will of course be installed into a ramdisk,
which will be lost when you reboot/shut off the system, that's what
running off a livecd means. Maybe there's
a way to install packages to a drive partition, or some sort of large capacity
removable media, I don't know about that.

I'm not sure why installing packages while running the livecd would
make a system crash, unless you've installed so many packages that the
machine ran out of ram. In that case, you could create a swap file on
a large capacity removable media, activate it, and things should
presumably be fine, until you ran out of swap also. Another solution
would be to install a package, do with it whatever you need to do,
remove it, install another package that you need, and so on. This
would be tedious, and it may not be practical in all situations, but
it should be doable.


On Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 03:36:55AM +0100, Doug Smith wrote:
> Well, the only thing about all that is that you have to have the
> livecd distribution installed on a hard drive, or, guess what, you'll
> be unpleasantly surprised when those extra programs get installed into
> virtual directories, held in RAM, and ultimately, bring your system to
> a crashing halt.  
> I found this out a few days ago, before I had permission to install
> this GRML onto my friend's computer, the one I am currently using,
> while I look to buy a new one.  I installed a few programs, thinkking
> that they would be installed on the drive.  Wow!  Was I totally
> shocked.  You could have knocked me off my bed here when I saw what
> happened.  Those programs stopped my system from working and I had to
> reboot, losing them all.   
> The best thing you can do there is to use  grml2hd to save yourself
> this problem by installing on the hard drive.  
> Hope this help[s. 
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