Michael Whapples mikster4 at
Tue Feb 27 10:03:59 EST 2007

Firstly, do you want it for text console or gnome? in gnome there are
players such as gxine (ubuntu has this in its repositries), totem movie
player, etc (RealPlayer 10 is accessible to a level in gnome, if you
want that). In the text console, there is mplayer, trplayer (a text
front end for realplayer 8), cplay.

Depends what you want from the player, for which is most appropiate.
Mplayer has plenty of codecs (and probably allows playing nearly any
format), but it has so many options that it can be complex to get
started with or for basic use. Cplay is more basic, but simpler for
navigating through lists of tracks.

Michael Whappoles
On Tue, 2007-02-27 at 10:49 +0000, Chris Norman wrote:
> Hi people,
> I remember hearing something on this list about a piece of software for
> linux that worked like winamp (presumably with the same key commands and
> stuff), and am trying to find it.
> Any ideas what it is? I've just tried xine but couldn't get it to work,
> I've also tried beep-media-player, but couldn't figure out some of that.
> Any ideas appreciated.
> Cheers,

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