dectalk express not found under 2.6.20x

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Tue Feb 27 06:03:54 EST 2007

To add a bit of newer information but no solutions yet, my development
box died of heat overload a week ago.  I ordered a new computer
because it was pretty old anyway but the new computer just came in
yesterday.  I thought just for grins I'd put ubuntu on it to check out
orca and X so will take at least a few more days before I can get back
to the hunt for what changed.  The fact is that the way some
interrupts are handled got changed in 2.6.20 which I haven't figured
out yet.  It only affects the dectlk driver because for some reason it
is the only one using this particular interrupt routine.  This is all
part of Mike MacDonalds changes to handle read to end but I haven't
figured out why he did the dectlk this way instead of the way he did
the others.  The point is though that I haven't actually figured out
what changed in the kernel to cause this new behaviour.



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