Zachary Kline Z_kline at
Mon Feb 26 23:31:59 EST 2007

Just figured I'd pop in here and say hello.  I'm a new Linux user--as in, just installed the thing fully today--and I use Speakup, naturally.  Gentoo happens to be my distro of choice at the moment, and unfortunately or fortunately I have a modern PC--read: cannot use serial ports and such.
As a consequence of all that, I've got myself Flite,
speechd-up, etc.  They all seem to work very well together--except for an Alsa bug with my laptop's speakers not seeming to recognize the headphones being plugged in--but aside from that things're going very well indeed.
I was wondering if anybody could perhaps recommend a synth that would sound a little better than the current Flite.  It does speak in a monotone, and pitch is nonexistent.  Also, some tips on how to set this up would be appreciated.
Thanks much,

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