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Hi, Doug!

I've tried repeatedly to use swspeak, but so far have failed.  My speakers apparently are connected, and their volume high enough that I should hear them if they're getting anything.  Under Fedora, Kudzu seems to find my sound card, though it, too, seems unable to give me software speech output when I try to run Emacspeak.  How would I determine whether the grml CD also finds it?  (Ordinarily, I boot that up with my tripletalk usb.)

Any other directions in which you can point me for possible answers?  I once did have software speech (damned lousy though it was), since I used Debian 3.0, I think, for a few months.  I therefore doubt it's a bad card, and figure I must be missing something.


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> Ok, I will try to address two or three questions at one time.  I
> accidentally set this subscription up the wrong way so that I get the
> digest form of all the mails from the list, so I will have to change
> it in a few minutes.  
> Well, question 1: the machines I tried the GRML disk on to see if they
> would boot.  The first one, a machine on display at a local Circuit
> City store, was, indeed, an HP. It booted, then came the funny failure
> message about the 128 samples.  Someone on here said he tried to boot
> ubuntu in an hp machine with an amd 64 X 2 dual core and it didn't
> even boot.  Well, that should solve that question.  The second
> machine, one on display at Sam's Club, might have been an HP, but I
> didn't look on the side of the casing to see if the raised letters hp
> were there, so I do not know.  It might have been, but the message was
> the same.  
> Now, the question about the software speech.  GRML comes with eflite
> and flite.  It works with speakup, and here's how you do it.  
> You might need some sighted assistance, the first time, but I don't
> think you will if you can hear the drive spin.  
> first step: put the disk in and start the machine.  The drive will
> spin for a short time, then stop.  
> Second step: When the drive finishes its first short spin, you need to
> enterthis: 
> grml swspeak
> You need to be sure that you spell it right, or you will end up having
> to reboot in order to try over.  
> third step: Listen for the sound to come up.  It will not be loud,
> because GRML only brings up the mixer setting for the alsa pcm device
> to 75%.  You will year the words: 
> finished activating software speakup, just run swspeak when booting
> finished
> You will know that you are successfully into the speech interface when
> this happens.  fourth step: When the boot sequence is almost finished,
> you will hear the words: 
> finished booting
> Now, enter swspeak and wait a while to see if you can hear the system
> come up talking.  You will need to do this: 
> fifth step: enter this: 
> aumix -w 100
> This will bring the sound all the way up.  
> Now, if all went well, you should be ready to do something with it.  
> Now, I haven't gotten that far in reading the digest yet, but there
> was something on there about connecting to the net using GRML.  You
> can do it with w3m.  It takes quite a bit of space to explain how to
> do it exactly, but I will be more than happy to work with you.  
> Hope this helps. 
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