Speakup Digest, Vol 41, Issue 47

Doug Smith bdsmith at oralux.org
Sat Feb 24 19:16:30 EST 2007

Ok, I will try to address two or three questions at one time.  I
accidentally set this subscription up the wrong way so that I get the
digest form of all the mails from the list, so I will have to change
it in a few minutes.  

Well, question 1: the machines I tried the GRML disk on to see if they
would boot.  The first one, a machine on display at a local Circuit
City store, was, indeed, an HP. It booted, then came the funny failure
message about the 128 samples.  Someone on here said he tried to boot
ubuntu in an hp machine with an amd 64 X 2 dual core and it didn't
even boot.  Well, that should solve that question.  The second
machine, one on display at Sam's Club, might have been an HP, but I
didn't look on the side of the casing to see if the raised letters hp
were there, so I do not know.  It might have been, but the message was
the same.  

Now, the question about the software speech.  GRML comes with eflite
and flite.  It works with speakup, and here's how you do it.  

You might need some sighted assistance, the first time, but I don't
think you will if you can hear the drive spin.  

first step: put the disk in and start the machine.  The drive will
spin for a short time, then stop.  
Second step: When the drive finishes its first short spin, you need to
grml swspeak
You need to be sure that you spell it right, or you will end up having
to reboot in order to try over.  
third step: Listen for the sound to come up.  It will not be loud,
because GRML only brings up the mixer setting for the alsa pcm device
to 75%.  You will year the words: 
finished activating software speakup, just run swspeak when booting
You will know that you are successfully into the speech interface when
this happens.  fourth step: When the boot sequence is almost finished,
you will hear the words: 

finished booting

Now, enter swspeak and wait a while to see if you can hear the system
come up talking.  You will need to do this: 
fifth step: enter this: 

aumix -w 100

This will bring the sound all the way up.  

Now, if all went well, you should be ready to do something with it.  

Now, I haven't gotten that far in reading the digest yet, but there
was something on there about connecting to the net using GRML.  You
can do it with w3m.  It takes quite a bit of space to explain how to
do it exactly, but I will be more than happy to work with you.  

Hope this helps. 

I use grml (http://grml.org/)

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