ot: compiling gnome

Alex Snow alex_snow at gmx.net
Fri Feb 23 19:33:28 EST 2007

Hi All,

Want to play with gnome again, to see what's changed in accessibility 
since I last tried it (around 2.6), and give orca a try.  I'm running 
all slackware boxes around here, and  now that there's no gnome package 
in slackware, I find it hard to get recent versions of gnome.  Does 
anyone know of some build system that will give me the latest version of 
gnome, thats easy to install? I tried compiling by hand, but I always 
seem to run into issues in some package or other.  I also tried garnome, 
but it seemed quite bloated to me, and kept failing on unessential 
packages.  Basically I just want a basic desktop, I can add apps later 
as I need them.

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	-- Pete Ehlke in comp.unix.aix

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