ESpeak problem

Hynek Hanke hanke at
Fri Feb 23 16:47:17 EST 2007

On Fri, 2007-02-23 at 16:11 -0500, Lorenzo Taylor wrote:
> Do you have a dual-core processor?  The problem seems to only occur on
> dual-core systems as far as I can tell.  Seems to be a strange threading
> problem or something.

Either this or something with old speechd libraries. Please, have you
(or anyone else) tried with the latest CVS speechd-up? There is a bugfix
by Samuel Thibault. Could someone please send me a gdb backtrace with
CVS speechd-up ( and either CVS
speech-dispatcher or speech-dispatcher from
? I'd also appreciate to see speechd-up compilation log (to determine
which libraries it compiles against).

In speechd-up source tree you can run GDB:
	gdb ./speechd-up
	run -s -l 5
and when it crashes type in
	thread apply all bt

Please send me the full backtrace as weel as the produced speechd-up.log
file (from /var/log/ or /var/log/speechd-up/ or similar) from the same

Thank you,
Hynek Hanke

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