using serial port locked by Speakup (was: Re: Speakup and VMWare)

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Tue Feb 20 05:09:52 EST 2007


Thanks to Greg and Tyler for suggestions on how to essentially allow
bi-directional communications directly to a Dectalk Express while Speakup is 
active.  Unfortunately, I still am not having success.

For others who may be reading this, I am specifically trying  to allow Windows 
XP that I have running with VMWare on my Debian box with Speakup compiled into 
the kernel to access /dev/ttyS0 which is currently locked by Speakup.

For  VMWare configuration reasons, I can't seam to use /dev/synth, and although
  I can send data to /proc/speakup/direct_synth, I can not receive data (such as
indexing info back through that method).  At this point it would really seam 
that I need to be able to  use /dev/ttyS0 even while locked by speakup.

I tried Tyler's suggestion of executing:

setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart 16550a

And, although the command executed fine, it didn't seam to make a 
difference.  Have you had success with this?  If so, at what point do you 
run setserial?  Prior to running vmplayer or after Windows is up?

If anyone has thoughts on how to get this working that would be much 
appreciated. Even if you haven't played with VMWare, the general problem is
just being able to echo  (and receive) data to the serial port in use by 

BTW:  I plan on writing a HowTo on my experiences of getting VMWare working 
with  Debian plus a successful unattended instalation of Windows XP.

Thanks for the help

Best regards,

On Sun, 18 Feb 2007, Tyler Spivey wrote:

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> To access the dectalk express, you need to either connect it to another
> serial port, or fool linux into releasing the port that speakup is
> using. try:
> setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart 16550a
> I don't have a linux machine atm to test that on, but it should work.
> just echo anything that the dectalk can speak to it to make sure, and
> make sure that speakup and window eyes don't try to use the same synth -
> interesting results can occur.
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