Regarding Speechd-up death problem

Keith Hinton keithint38 at
Sun Feb 18 17:04:00 EST 2007

I just wanted to also mention that I think Mr. Taler and I are  most-likely experiencing identicle problems, especially if he is able to get Speechd-up to crash. I forgot to mention that it only occurs with Speakup also, I totally forgot. Probably made poor Mr. Hanky suddenly think "It's crashing for all applications!"
Sorry if that's what happened, it's spisifically happening with my favorite screen-reader in the world. :(
I hate GUI. Won't use it.
So eaven if speechd-up worked in GUI, I wouldn't run GUI. :D
I prefer to run all types of other non GUI Speak-up enabled things.
Has anyone else yet tried this latest Speech-dispatcher CVS file, that Mr. Hanky posted about yet to see if speechd-up still crashes?
I would like to be notified, as I am extremely interested for 
So please feel free to notify me personally off list. Regards, -Keith
more updates.

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