Regarding chucks post--on ESpeak, or anyone else

Hynek Hanke hanke at
Sat Feb 17 08:44:31 EST 2007

Lorenzo Taylor writes:
> In order to allow speakup to pronounce punctuations the same way as
> older versions of speechd-up you will need toset DontinitTables to 1 in
> /etc/speechd-up.conf or wherever your speechd-up.conf file is.
> DontinitTables 1

The configuration file for speechd-up is a feature only present in the
latest CVS version. The old way to do this is to pass the -t or
--dont-init-tables options to speechd-up when starting it.

But beware that this will destroy internationalization. It uses
Speakups character substitution, which only works for English.

The proper way to fix the punctuation problem is to add support
to the generic output module so that punctuation can be handled
by espak itself in a language dependent way. Steve Holmes kindly
offered help to do it.

We also seek help with implementing a native output module for eSpeak,
which would fix this and many other troubles too.

With regards,
Hynek Hanke

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