ESpeak under AMD

Jonathan Duddington jsd at
Fri Feb 16 17:54:19 EST 2007

In article <000c01c7521c$6f6aca60$6401a8c0 at YOUR3ADE1B78A3>,
   Keith Hinton <keithint38 at> wrote:
> ESpeak still crashes.

Which version number?
Where did you get it from?

> Maybe a ESpeak module done in C or something that doesn't launch new
> ESpeak processes for everything spoken;something that only uses one
> single ESpeak process?

Recent versions of eSpeak include a shared library, "libespeak".  But
it's up to the calling process to use this instead of running an eSpeak
process for each sentence.

The latest version of GnomeSpeech does this, and I believe a future
version of SpeechDispatcher will also.

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