Booting Into Single User Mode with GRUB

Gene Collins collins at
Fri Feb 16 12:57:28 EST 2007

Hi all.  You can use the append mode in grub that Doug was describing,
and append init=/bin/bash to get just a shell prompt.  You then have to
remount the root system as rw, for example mount /dev/hda1 -o remount,rw

Now you can use passwd to change the root password.  The problem with
this approach is that when you reboot, your system will perform an fsck
because the reboot doesn't gracefully unmount file systems.


>One more suggestion if the other methods are not viable.
>Remove hard drive from machine with unknown password.
>Add it as second drive on machine with speech working.
>If IDE drive it may need to be jumpered to be a slave.
>Then you can boot your normal system and do those same
>changes to the root file system of the other systems drive
>while having speech tools working (edit the /etc/shadow).
>  -- Doug
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