Regarding chucks post--on ESpeak, or anyone else

keithint38 at keithint38 at
Wed Feb 14 10:34:54 EST 2007

I cannot check this problem at this time. Sinse I am at school, I am not
at my Linux box. SSH access is blocked-and I need to be available localy.
I am running:
Gentoo Linux AMD 64, kernel 2.6.19, I believe that ESpeak is 0.18 or
I have described the best way to produce this.
I can also add that one way to do it is to download the modified version
of GRML 0.8 (a 32-bit OS) and to just rappidly start typing, it contains
ESpeak, and some small modifications to Speech-Dispatcher.
One of these includes something where Speech-Dispatcher would send blank
lines at the synthesizer. This has been disabled, along with the
The kernel is SMP.
Don't worry.
I h ave a script, Speech does come back.
If I type: "Speak "Text"" (Without the first quotes) the Speak "Text" will
make Espeak speak "Text"
Speak "Kirk is so coool!" will echo "Kirk is so cooool!"
So, perhaps it's with speechd-up?
Another problem:
Newer versions of Speechd-up appear not to speak the punctuation
characters on the keyboared. This includes period, slash, etc.
BTW..Tyler Spivey, have y ou managed to debug this at all in VMWare?

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