Booting Into Single User Mode with GRUB

Adam MacLeod adam at
Tue Feb 13 21:21:43 EST 2007

Hey list:
I have a question. How would one boot successfully into single user mode with the GRUB boot loader, when it has been configured with a password? Obviously, the boot manager screen does not talk, so its a chore to get it to work correctly.
We can press a to get to the boot parameters, or at least to a point where it doesn't continue booting, because it doesn't start to babble. But we're not sure if it is asking for the GRUB password to even access the boot parameters, or what is happening on the screen. I'm considering sighted assistance as a last last resort, so if anyone has experience booting into run level 1 without it, and with a GRUB password, that's the suggestions I'm looking for.

Adam MacLeod

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