ESpeak problem

Michael Whapples mikster4 at
Tue Feb 13 11:07:51 EST 2007

I don't know what information you had before regarding this, but I might
guess that it isn't really an espeak issue, more an issue of the way
speech-dispatcher communicates with espeak. As espeak uses the generic
module of speech-dispatcher, it means that espeak is being executed
every time speech begins, and killed when speech is interupted. If you
are typing very fast and have key echo on, then you can imagine that
espeak is being executed and killed rapidly, and sometimes this can lead
to problems. As for solutions, well none that I know of while keeping
everything as is. You could solve it by either slowing down with the
typing (not preferable if it were me), or alternatively turn key echo
off (If speech is being interupted when typing, then you might not
really need it). The other would be to get an espeak specific module
written in C, although I don't know how much of an affect this would
have, but would be appreciated.

Michael Whapples
On Tue, 2007-02-13 at 08:27 -0700, keithint38 at wrote:
> Hello list,
> I have posted on this many times,
> but feel it is necessary to restate the spisific problem I'm having with
> ESpeak under my AMD 64-bit system, with Gentoo Linux, SMP enabled kernel.
> First: Speakup and ESpeak both compile quite nicely. However,
> if I begin to quickly type text into say, a shell, irssi, or whatever...
> that is, while using keyboared echo, interrupting ESpeak with another key
> stroke, the synthesizer in this case "ESpeak" crashes!
> I have managed to make ESpeak crash eaven when setting Speech-dispatcher
> and Speechd-up to nice -20!
> I thought that it was Speech-Dispatcher and Speechd-up, as the suspect
> processes.
> It apparently leads back to the ESpeak program, (whatever the exeacutable
> is) that is called by speech-dispatcher and speechd-up, crashing.)
> Why?
> Because the prior two processes mentioned previously are still running. A
> killall speechd-up killall speech-dispatcher speec

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